It is characterized by freshness, lightness, and liveliness and is thus made for enjoying the summer in the refreshing combination of the gin tonic.


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GIN LONDON DRY is an alcoholic beverage with a higher alcohol content. The mixture of gin and tonic was a very popular drink in British colonies already in the 19th century since the tonic was known to protect from malaria due to its quinine content. Being such a popular beverage, GIN also has World Gin Day. However, not mixing an excellent GIN with low-quality cheap tonics is very important. A high-quality tonic plays an important role and is a significant GIN tonic component. Increasingly popular with the Slovenians, gin represents a hit beverage of the summer, above all combined with tonic, for many people.

GIN LONDON DRY bottled in 0.7 l bottles. alcohol: 42%


Gin tonic is a very simple cocktail. It requires no excessive knowledge, but considering some little hints, you’ll make it even easier.

However, don’t forget that all listed additions are not appropriate for every gin. Therefore, we advise you to try and make diverse combinations, and we are sure you’ll manage to prepare a top GIN tonic according to your taste.

  1. We need one of the GINs by Žganjekuha Kržič and a high-quality tonic.
  2. We always make GIN tonic in iced glasses – you’ll get the best results by putting the glasses in the freezer for half an hour before preparing the drink.
  3. We also use very cold beverages, both GIN and tonic, for preparation.
  4. We fill the glass for making the drink with ice cubes to keep the cocktail appropriately cool for longer.
  5. Adjust the additions and spices you’ll add to your taste.

Additions for GIN tonic that will make your favourite drink even more interesting.

Cucumber: freshly cut cucumber is very frequent and one of the classics in the gin tonic.

Orange: a slice of Orange gives the gin tonic additional freshness.

Lime adds light acidity which has a beneficent impact on the entire drink.

Rosemary: a twig of fresh rosemary in gin tonic is also one of the proven classics that makes the popular cocktail particularly interesting; in addition to rosemary, we can add some multi-coloured peppercorns.

Lemon: Like orange and lime, also lemon makes for a fresh character.

Cinnamon: Gin tonic is famous as a summer hit drink, but it doesn’t have to be just it. With the right additions, it can also become a top winter treat. We achieve this by adding cinnamon (cinnamon stick) and a pinch of nutmeg.

Mint: Min tis very often used for preparing gin tonic. The mint really enjoys the company of fruit aromas and tastes. Its favourite company are lemons, limes, and oranges.

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