Spruce tip liqueur

When a spruce decides to grow, it canalises all its energy into its little tips.
Coloured gently springlike, they release all their goodies into the excellent homemade brandy.

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Have you ever tasted liqueur made from spruce tips? It has the colloquial name SPRUCE TIP LIQUEUR and is more or less often offered in some alpine posts, chalets, and mountain cabins. The basis for a really excellent nostalgic Spruce tip liqueur is formed by traditional recipes, used and upgraded already by our ancestors, and top quality homemade fruit spirit and spruce tips, picked in Slovenian forests.

Spruce tip liqueur, bottled in 1 l bottles, alcohol content: 21 %

But drinking Spruce tip liqueur you should mind, just as with other spirits, the moderation rule!


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