Briefly about Žganjekuha Kržič

Žganjekuha Kržič is a small family company that started its business in 1994, i.e. they are present on Slovenian market for over 20 years. They have managed to survive on the market only by working hard, respecting brandy distilling tradition, and using the best fruit and other raw materials, which is reflected in the high quality of their products.

Their motto has always been and will remain, that only the products, made from perfectly natural raw materials and without looking for shortcuts, are good enough for their customers. An increasing number of consumers and users swear by the food and drink, produced following natural methods and without artificial substances, colouring agents, and diverse additives.

Brandy Distilling in Slovenia

Brandy distilling is a traditional occupation in Slovenia; it has not changed very much during the years and has been passed from one generation to the other. Almost every farm used to have a home distillery. The best time for distilling was autumn. Many stories and anecdotes were born during distilling, this was a time for socializing, joy, and fun on farms in autumns. Children loved to sit around the kettle and listen to the stories, told by the elders. Diverse sorts of brandy were created and are still created today in diverse parts of our country.

Alas, brandy still has a negative connotation in our land, since excessive brandy consumption brings no good. People are not enough aware of drinking culture and have practically no learning on spirits. Knowledge about drinking culture would add to the reduction of alcohol abuse.

Slovenia has high-quality spirits, which are not enough known and highlighted. Brandy in moderate quantities can also have preventive, positive impacts on cold, gastric disorders, and other problems.

Giving spirits as presents has really spread in the recent years – gift programme based on brandies in elegant home made packaging represents a first-class gift for diverse occasions.

Phone: 041 744 483
Selo pri Pancah 17
1261 Ljubljana – Dobrunje