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100 % natural Slovenian brandy

Products by Žganjekuha Kržič are made on the basis of homemade fruit brandy, following old traditional methods and without artificial additives (taste boosters, aromas, colouring agents …).

Žganjekuha Kržič produces its products with heart and does not renounce its motto: “Only the best is good enough for our customers.”


Žganjekuha Kržič received a gold award for GIN S KLANCA at the “ALPEN – ADRIA VERKOSTUNG 2020” evaluation in Austria this May. Gin received 19/20 points. Reviewers described the gin as clean, intense but harmonious.

Žganjekuha Kržič also received a quality certificate *ODLIČNO JE, VRHNIŠKO JE*. The products with their rating belong to the HIGH-END QUALITY category.






Natural Slovenian product from Žganjekuha Kržič

Brodka alcoholic beverage is the first alcoholic beverage in the world made (distilled) from surplus bread.

As raw material for producing Brodka alcohol beverage, surplus bred is used and thus we achieve the reuse of old bread for gaining and production of a new food product. Through this reuse, we reduce the quantity of the discarded food and make people aware of the surplus food problematics.

Brodka alcoholic beverage is a high-quality alcohol beverage of characteristic mild taste and suitable both for drinking alone as well as a basis for diverse cocktails. With the first such alcohol beverage, Martin Kržič and Žganjekuha Kržič lead a new way into the world of spirits and already concern the future, which will be sustainably oriented and in which circular economy and zero tolerance for the discarded food will eventually be followed.


The idea and wish of the Žganjekuha Kržič team were to offer BRODKA also in a different form – modelled on whisky, BRODKA was poured into oak barrels and left to the passage of time for 12 months.

The taste and aroma of BRODKA have been thus raised to a higher level. The taste of BRODKA intermixes harmoniously with the taste squeezed out of the oak barrel, and the porosity of the wood enabled the spirit to season well in the presence of micro ventilation and develop its new character.

The aged BRODKA is bottled in 0.5 L and 0.7 L bottles, appropriate for a Saturday party with high-quality drinks or as an excellent and original gift for your friends or business partners

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    The first alcoholic beverage in the world made (distilled) from surplus of bread.
  • view Brodka - naravna domača žgana pijača iz kruha - darilna

    Brodka (0,7 l and 0,1 l)

    The first alcoholic beverage in the world made (distilled) from surplus of bread.
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    Premium Brodka

    The first alcoholic beverage in the world made (distilled) from surplus of bread.
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    NEW: Aged Brodka 0.5l

    Modelled on whisky, 12-month aged Brodka from oak barrels.
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    NEW: Aged Brodka 0.7l

    Modelled on whisky, 12-month aged Brodka from oak barrels.


The most desired products from our assortment
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    Absinthe is really bitter. It’s an aperitif, which makes your stomach fitter.
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    Juniper berries are hard to pick. We soaked them in brandy – this does the trick.
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    Williams Christ

    Williams pear is queen of pears. Pour a glass of Williams Christ – and cheers!
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    Sweet Fairy

    As much as this dried pear is sweet, the drink is mild, just try and taste it!
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    Fruit Brandy

    Fruit in brandy – well combined! Enjoy this drink, but use your mind!

Partly for fun, partly for real


Sam še mal d.o.o. does not encourage exaggerated use of alcoholic beverages and excessive drinking, but we are aware that alcohol was, is and will always be present in the people’s lives at diverse occasions. Therefore we stick to the principle “drink little and with common sense, whatever you drink should be good and of high-quality.”

We would like to offer and present high-quality products by home distillery Žganjekuha Kržič to a wider public. The distillery produces its products according to old traditional methods without use of artificial additives like taste boosters, colouring agents etc. All drinks by Žganjekuha Kržič are fruit of home knowledge and experiences. High-quality, healthy fruits and carefully performed procedures of spirit distilling ensure excellent taste of the products.


Aperitif is a drink we serve before the meal to stimulate the appetite. Ws can serve an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage as an aperitif. A non-alcoholic aperitif is usually a juice, an alcoholic one can be everything from beer, sparkling wine, and long drinks to light white wines.

Aperitifs are drunk cooled. Serving aperitif it is the most important, that wishes and taste of guests are respected and not much importance is laid on the fact, whether something is a “real” aperitif or not. Here, Williams Christ and fruit brandy are often served as aperitifs; in other parts of the world whisky is more common.


Digestifs are drinks we serve at the end of the meal to stimulate the digestion. Bitters are the most common. They are served pure or with ice. Some prefer to serve them after the meal with coffee.

Sam še mal - aperitiv, digestiv
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