The first alcoholic beverage in the world made (distilled) from surplus of bread.

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Brodka alcoholic beverage is the first alcoholic beverage in the world made (distilled) from surplus bread. The idea for making of Brodka struck the student of sustainable development management Martin Kržič, who is a descendant of the notable distillers’ family Kržič. After a year and a half of work, testing, and bureaucracy procedures, Brodka alcoholic beverage has successfully seen the light of day.

Brodka alcoholic beverage is the fruit of cooperation and development of Martin Kržič and Žganjekuha Kržič. As raw material for producing Brodka alcohol beverage, surplus bred is used and thus we achieve the reuse of old bread for gaining and production of a new food product. Through this reuse, we reduce the quantity of the discarded food and make people aware of the surplus food problematics.

Brodka alcoholic beverage is a high-quality alcohol beverage of characteristic mild taste and suitable both for drinking alone as well as a basis for diverse cocktails. With the first such alcohol beverage, Martin Kržič and Žganjekuha Kržič lead a new way into the world of spirits and already concern the future, which will be sustainably oriented and in which circular economy and zero tolerance for the discarded food will eventually be followed.



Coctail Beno J

We put ice to the top of the glass, add lemon mint, pour 0.03-0.05 l Brodka over it, then add some blueberry juice and some mineral water (Radenska), add some more mint and decorate the cocktail with a slice of orange. By all means the cocktail should be added two straws.

You can adjust the quantities of blueberry juice and mineral water (Radenska) to your wishes (but do not exaggerate with the quantities).

Coctail Marjana J

We put ice to the top of the glass, add peppermint, pour 0.05 l Brodka over it, then add 0.1 l blackcurrant and 0.1 l mineral water (Radenska), decorate with a slice of lemon or lime, add a straw and serve.

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