NEW: Aged Brodka 0.7l

Modelled on whisky, 12-month aged Brodka from oak barrels.

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The idea and wish of the Žganjekuha Kržič team were to offer BRODKA also in a different form – modelled on whisky, BRODKA was poured into oak barrels and left to the passage of time for 12 months.

The taste and aroma of BRODKA have been thus raised to a higher level. The taste of BRODKA intermixes harmoniously with the taste squeezed out of the oak barrel, and the porosity of the wood enabled the spirit to season well in the presence of micro ventilation and develop its new character.

The aged BRODKA is bottled in 0.5 L and 0.7 L bottles, appropriate for a Saturday party with high-quality drinks or as an excellent and original gift for your friends or business partners.

The story of BRODKA deserves a deep bow and respect. Thereby, Žganjekuha Kržič proves one more time that only the best is good enough for their customers.

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