Fig Brandy

Sweet figs grow there, where sun shines bright. This drink is sweet, but it’s not mild.

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Ficus carica (lat.) or fig is a healthy and tasty fruit we use and appreciate all too little. Figs contain a lot of vitamin B1 and mineral substances, fresh figs contain up to 15 % sugar. Fresh figs regulate digestion, they are appropriate for kidney patients, and men with enlarged prostate. Compote from dried figs is proved to help with persistent constipation. We can also add dried plums to the fig compote (50 : 50). Dried figs are an excellent source of energy; soaked in the water are used as a sweetener, which does not consume organic Ca from bones, and are a very suitable beverage for sportspeople, i.e. cyclists, mountaineers, and others performing strenuous forms of recreation. Of course, fig liqueur, consumed in normal – moderate quantities, is also extremely good, but it is less known with us.

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